英語版『すべてがFになる』が発売! “The Perfect Insider” By MORI Hiroshi

英語版『すべてがFになる』が発売! "The Perfect Insider" By MORI Hiroshi

The BBB: Breakthrough Bandwagon Books より刊行された、英語版タイトルは The Perfect Insider: Chapters 1-3 分冊第1巻(全3巻)です。

英語版『すべてがFになる』"The Perfect Insider" By MORI Hiroshi


Shiki Magata, who could answer a ten-digit multiplication in a flash in kindergarten and instantly do mental arithmetic of cubic roots, was thrust into the media limelight as a “girl prodigy.” Since her teenage years, Shiki has been a genius programmer at the pinnacle of computer science.


At the age of fourteen, the name “Shiki Magata” became even more sensationally known worldwide when she was arrested for the murder of her parents. After being diagnosed with multiple personalities and acquitted of all charges, Shiki has been confined to her room at the Magata Research Institute on an isolated island in the middle of the ocean. She has never once left the room in the fifteen years since.


Because Moe Nishinosono, a freshperson at N University, had a personal connection with Shiki, Sohei Saikawa, Assistant Professor and Moe’s mentor, is about to go on a seminar trip to the campground on the island where the Magata Research Institute is located. When Saikawa visits the facility at night at Moe’s invitation, a nightmarish incident occurs.


Suddenly appearing from a strictly locked room that has been monitored by state-of-the-art technology is the corpse of a woman. It has both arms and legs severed, clad in a wedding dress, and is being carried out by a wagon-shaped robot …


This book is the first volume of a three-volume English edition of “The Perfect Insider,” a monumental masterpiece that changed the history of Japanese mystery novels and is the origin of the 17 million-selling “MORI Mystery.” The “S&M (Saikawa & Moe) series,” about the master-disciple detective duo most favored by readers in the history of Japanese mystery, begins here!

本書は、累計1,700万部 “森ミステリィ” の原点にして、日本の推理小説の歴史を変えた記念碑的傑作『すべてがFになる』の英語版の分冊第1巻(全3巻)。日本のミステリィ史上、最も読者に支持された師弟探偵コンビを描く “S&M(犀川&萌絵)シリーズ” は、ここから始まる!







との事! まだまだ売れているようなので、百万部突破のミリオンセラーとなるでしょうか?

『追懐のコヨーテ』 森博嗣『すべてがFになる The Perfect Insider』英語 英訳


英文リーディングは、なかなか難しいですが、自分も日本語版を片手に、英語版 “The Perfect Insider” を読み進めてみようと思います。

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